On top of the real estate consulting and mediation there stands confidence, competence, reliability and discretion.

We believe completely in this values and in the knowledge of it’s importance we consult you in all matters regarding the purchase or sale of a property.

We have more than 20 years of experience in real estate consulting and are well trained. Our good contacts to institutions and authorities guarantees a good job. We accompany you from the first step till the signature of the contract at the lawyers place. If you want to adapt your property to your individual wishes, we can help you with the right companies and artisans as well as organizing and supervising the execution of the works. As we are also trained and experienced in property valuation we can help you also in this matter.

If you can’t use your property as much as you desire but would get some revenue from it, our holiday home rental service is best for you. We rent your property out for you, take care of it and settle everything who has to be done to preserve your property.

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